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Political Action Committee Report for Executive Board Meeting

 April 1, 2017(revised for website)


  • Sen. Jim Ananich:  Minority Leader / Monday March 6,  NAACP Office Contact- John Mulcrone & Tom Lenard / Main interest: Criminal Justice Reform  / Education / Get Out to Vote 2018 / Voters Rights
  • County Commissioners (Ruth (chair), O’Neal, Webster):  Monday March 13, NAACP Office - Contact Information for Commissioners is on local website /  Main Issues: Current Budget / New Jail (current jail is "Deplorable"/ Saginaw County Employment issues (Diversity) / Sherriff Dept. (Diversity) / Information sharing with NAACP to the Community / Staying in Step with each other / need applicants for Committee openings on County Boards.
  • Sen. Ken Horn:  Friday March 17, NAACP Office / Contact-Michael Moon / Believe in Government Top / Down -  Main interest: Education (current administration) / Willing to support Criminal Justice Reform and Health Issues (HIV-Aids)
  • Rep. Vanessa Guerra: Wednesday March 22, NAACP Office / Contact - Kyle Bostwick “Great Meeting “Main Issues-2018 Election - Redistricting - State Issued I.D.s - Education - Will present at our May 2017 Community meeting - Member of Criminal Justice Committee – Support Changes and improvements in Youth In Prison Legislation (Rep. Guerra / Santana (HB#) Require equal consideration of all mitigating factors prior to waiving jurisdiction in traditional juvenile waver cases.
  • Poll Watchers: Wednesday March 22, 12 noon - NAACP Office / A few Poll Watchers were available to meet with the PAC Team and we thank the Watchers for their efforts. The discussion centered on the Poll Workers knowledge and efficiency, their time at the polls and response to violations observed. Comments sheets were completed. These comments will be reviewed and feedback given to the Executive Board.
  • Delta College: Monday March 27 - Delta College / Full Senior Management Team in attendance - presentation very informative / Meeting Commitments: 1. Meeting with Spence Brothers regarding construction, 2. Meeting with HR / Recruiting Team to understand Delta’s employment process 3. Assist with Community Meeting to share information related to the Downtown Center 4. Proposed joint press statement regarding our meeting 5. Support Town Hall Meetings 6. Enhance Skill Trades program efforts to improve employment of Young Adults and Youth.

    03 April 2017




MAY 2, 2017


What does Non-Homestead mean?

Non-Homestead refers to non-residential property.  This tax does not apply to personal property tax on homes.

 Wasn’t this just voted upon in 2012?

Yes.  However due to the acquisition of BV properties, there is a need to renew early.  This renewal will extend through 2027.

 What will it cost Saginaw Public School District if this millage renewal does not pass?

The District could lose $1.1 million per year if the millage does not pass.

 What about the Buena Vista Debt?

It is expected that the debt of the Buena Vista School District will be paid off this year.

Who is currently paying 18 mills?

            Businesses in Saginaw City?  Yes

            Businesses in Zilwaukee?       Yes

            Businesses in Kochville?         Yes

            Businesses in Buena Vista?    No

The passing of this millage would mean that Buena Vista businesses would pay as the other businesses are.

 Will I pay more taxes on my home if this millage passes?

No.  This tax applies to businesses only.

 Does this increase taxes for any entity?

The passing of the millage will simply cause Buena Vista businesses to pay the taxes that other businesses are currently paying.  It will be no additional tax for businesses outside of Buena Vista.

  What are some advantages of passing this millage?

-All four entities that comprise Saginaw Public Schools boundaries (Saginaw City, Buena Vista, Kochville, and Zilwaukee) will be on the same ten year cycle for renewal.

-All businesses will be contributing their share

 Who is funding the campaign?

Citizens for Education

P.O. Box 3594

Saginaw MI  48605

** Contributions are welcome**

 Why is this on the ballot?

The Saginaw Public School District School Board put this issue on the ballot upon the recommendation of the Superintendent.  It passed with a 7-0 vote.  This is necessary to prevent the District from losing revenue.

 Who is paying for the election?

The State Legislature allocated $50,000 for election.  This will more than cover the entire cost of this issue being on the ballot.